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Years of detailing vessels has thought us to use the best products available in the marine industry. We now offer our customers the opportunity to purchase these fantastic products directly from us at competitive prices. We are more than happy to answer questions on how to use these products and create a personalized cleaning regiment. Please contact us to purchase these products.

Including one red and one green spray bottle, a proportion valve dispenser for easy measuring, instructions for household use as well as marine quick reference pocket guide, this kit is a great way to introduce yourself to the cleaning power and versatility of Bay Safe Concentrate. No home should be without it!

This is ideal for any new boat owner. This kit includes a 3.5 gallon wash bucket, 1 quart of Bay Safe Concentrate, 1 quart of Surface Safe heavy duty ready-to-use cleaner/degreaser, 1 quart of Glass Safe ready-to-use multipurpose cleaner, a superb absorbent micro-fiber towel, 6 X-Sponge melamine sponges and a marine quick reference guide with directions. Keep that new booking looking new inside and out, or restore an older one to look like new condition.

The Basic Boaters Kit starts with our Starter Kit, then we add 1 quart of Bay Safe Mineral Break Thru in a ready-to-use quart sprayer and 4 of our X-Sponge melamine sponges and directions for usage. This kit is ideal for concentrating on those tough scum lines and stubborn mineral deposit build up on your boat's hull.

This kit is loaded! Beginning with our Starter Kit, we add 1 quart of Mineral Break Thru, 1 quart of Clear Advantage, 1 container of Towel It wipes, 1lb. tub of Bay Safe Enzyme powder, 1 package of X-Sponge melamine sponges (12) and 1 Micro-Fiber Super Absorbent Towel. This kit will most certainly cover all angles in keeping your boat like new.

These are the highest quality micro-fiber towel made. With thousands of fiber strands per square inch, these towels will grab anything and hold on to it. Use this towel to clean the roughest surface then clean sensitive equipment without worry about scratching due to trapped soil. You will never need another towel for cleaning products.

These sponges are made from a natural occurring substance known as melmine. It will eventurally degrade upon multiple uses until it is completely gone. Unlike simliar sponges, this sponge will not scratch. Easily removes permanent marker, crayon, wine, coffee, ink, pencil, dirt/grime, food stains, rust spots, food coloring, grape juice, wood stain, tar, soap scum, mold and mildew on counters and floors. Use with our Surface Safe or properly diluted Bay Safe Concentrate, and you will have the best vinyl cleaner ever created!      


Bay SafeTM Concentrate is our most versatile product. One product satisfies all your cleaning needs. When used with the manual dilution system Bay SafeTM is a Green Seal Certified product with disinfecting capabilities. For use on boats, autos, and around the home; Bay SafeTM Concentrate is cost effective and safe for you and the environment. Our Glass Safe and Surface Safe are made directly from this concentrate. Bay SafeTM Concentrate is a great alternative to detergent or boat soap.

Directions for Use:
1oz concentrate per gallon of water = Glass Safe
6oz concentrate per gallon of water = A perfect boat soap!
10oz concentrate per gallon of water = Surface Safe


Surface Safe is a heavy duty, ready-to-use formula that is designed for use on any surface water will not damage. This product has been formulated from Bay SafeTM Concentrate by using the proper dilution method. In this formula, you can attack much tougher jobs. Use Surface Safe to remove mold and mildew, cleanse with disinfecting power, removes stains from carpet, elimnate stubborn odors, restore grout lines and use as a mild degreaser. Surface Safe is the most active marine cleaner on the market. Other uses include restoring marine vinyl, removing black marks on decks, cleaning Starboard and maintaing a fresh cabin. IT REALLY WORKS!

Glass Safe is a mild, ready-to-use formula that is designed for use on any hard, non-porous surface. This product has been formulated from Bay SafeTM Concentrate by using the proper dilution method. It is safe on any surface where you would use water. Use Glass Safe on mirrors without having to wipe completely dry, metals, and of course glass, Plexiglas and Eisen glass for a streak-free shine, even when used in full sunlight.

Towel It wipes are formulated using Bay SafeTM Concentrate for quick and easy cleanups. Although tough enough to clean with disinfecting properties, these wipes are also safe enough to use as hand wipes.
Bay Safe Enzyme is our heavy duty enzymatic powder. Mix with warm water to activate the millions of five enzymes. The enzymes in our product break down the chemical bond between water and oil, virtually eating away the oil. Used by petroleum companies as an oil spill clean up, this product will work well in boat bilges, grease traps and places oil needs to be removed, such as a mechanic's laundry or from concentrate.
Mineral Break Thru is the safe alternative to harsh acids, specially formulated to remove stubborn mineral deposits, iron and rust. Mineral Break Thru will restore most metals to a like new condition. No need to worry about hazardous fumes or burning your skin with this safe to use product. It is an excellent replacement to sulfuric acid used in most scum line removers and hull cleaners for boats, without the damaging effects.

Clear Advantage is our industrial strength ready-to-use degreaser. Use this product on your toughest, most greasy jobs, and watch the oil run off. This product is a high concentration of natural degreasers and surfactants. While it is safe, it must be used with caution and thoroughly rinsed from the surface after cleaning (not for use on the water). Clear Advantage can also be diluted, making it a multi-purpose cleaner.
Bay Block Designed to protect boat vinyl from UV rays, it also restores leather to a like new condition. UV Inhibitors are blended into this unique formula that uses natural substances like Aloe Vera and Lanolin. Protects boat vinyl up to 6 months in salt water conditions; however we recommend reapplication every 3 months or after cleaning. For leather it’s the professional choice. A formulation break thru that revolutionizes restoration and preservation of items such as: boat, home and office furniture; auto interiors, apparel, boots, and shoes, luggage, briefcases, handbags, belts, accessory items and many other smooth pigmented leather products. Bay Block’s rich, creamy lotion preserves the feel, luster and scent of fine leather.

Freshen It! Eliminates odors in 3 ways. 1. Instantly neutralizes the odor with a clear odorless counteractant. 2. Enzymes go to work, breaking down all organic matter such as urine, feces, body fluids, food, smoke and other organic odors. 3. Leaves a fresh natural scent that freshen the area day after day (up to a week) with out harsh perfumes. Use on any surface or fabric that isn’t damaged by water, great for bedding, upholstery, draperies and carpet. Eliminates musty smells do to mildew and damp conditions such as found in boat cabins. Freshen It eliminates even the harshest smoke odors instantly from clothing, upholstery and the entire room.

Collinite #885 Paste Fleetwax - The longest lasting wax we carry! For Marine & Aeronautical Finishes. Developed especially to seal and shield against acid rain, sun, salt spray, bugs and other environmental acids. Easily applied and non-abrasive, wax will prevent finish deterioration and the adhesion of foreign elements. Clear coat safe. Fleetwax is made from 100% carnuba wax, the hardest wax known to man.

Yacht Bright does not sell or manufacture Yacht Brite Products which is owned by Shurhold Industries.

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