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Gel Coat Restoration & Repair

yacht Bright offers full gel coat and fiberglass repair services ranging from small scratches to large holes and cracks. We are considered one of the best color matching experts in the industry with repairs being as close to invisible as possible, even on dark colored hulls..

Older vessels where the gel coat keeps oxidizing, even shortly after compounding will benefit from this restoration process. This is especially important as continuous compounding will eventually remove all the gel coat. Dull gel coat can be made to look like new again without painting. Once this process is applied to a vessel, it will also no longer require compounding or waxing therefore dramatically extending the life of the gel coat. All that will be required are 2 or 3 refresher coats of sealer once a year.

The process entails several steps:

  1. De-wax and thoroughly clean all the gel coat.
  2. Remove oxidization using a special compound.
  3. Wash entire boat making sure that no dirt remains.
  4. 6 to 12 micro thin coats of a special clear thin film sealer are applied leaving behind a hard impermeable glass like layer.


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